Eli Sethri & Therese Mushock, Museum Tower, Downtown

"We feel very fortunate to have Randy and Jonathan as our real estate agents – it’s not every day that you get to work with the rare type of all-around outstanding professionals that they both are.  Besides being knowledgeable, resourceful and responsive, we found them both to be great communicators and a pleasure to do business with on a personal level. Randy and Jonathan stood by us while we went through the process of trying to find the right property, one that proved arduous on occasion – but they hit every curveball along the way, with exceptional patience and dedication. The end result was finding a home and a deal that exceeded our expectations, and a pair of agents that we look forward to working with again in the future."

Zachary Juno, Boulevard Heights

"I bought a home in October of 2006 and although I was excited about being a homeowner for the first time, I was terrified because I didn't know the process. If a home buying experience was one without any problems, there would be no need for Realtors. Since the process is filled with 'unknowns,' I'm glad I had Jon and Randy to take me through each step of the way. I was given updates even when there were no updates to give. The experience I had with them was a perfect balance between a seasoned Realtor with industry experience and that of a trusted friend. If and when it is time to make a move, they will be the first people I call."

Martha Legare, Midtown

"Randy did a fabulous job for me negotiating the house I wanted.  It had $30,000 worth of structural issues that he effectively handled in 6 offers and counteroffers. Working great with technology he did this while I was traveling from Michigan to Brussels to London.
I wasn’t familiar with the  Atlanta market, but he and Jon totally supported me during the purchase.  I trust their expertise, from knowing the technical legalities to understanding true market worth.  They were both reliable, flexible and incredibly responsive without being overly aggressive.  While working personally with Randy, he obviously cared about my expectations being met, and his integrity was evident throughout the process.  Randy and Jon worked as a seamless team to help me acquire the house of my dreams.

Amanda Bridges, Dunwoody

"As a first time home buyer, I was very unsure of the steps to take in purchasing a new home. I contacted Randy & Jon on a recommendation from a friend. Right away, I felt comfortable with them. They listened to my requests & didn't try to push me in a direction that I didn't want to go. They provided me with contacts for all of my other home buying needs. I would recommend them to anyone!"

Kevin Shigley

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Highly likely
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On this Thanksgiving, Debra and I are thankful that we had the help and counsel f Randy and Jonathan. We are celebrating our first Thanksgiving in the home they helped us find. We ar very grateful and will partner with them for all our reality needs
Kevin Shigley

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Helped me buy a home or lot/land


I have worked with other agents in the past and had mixed experiences so I did not rush into selecting one this time. I have found Jon and Randy very helpful and knowledgeable. I have used them to both buy and sell and would use them again.

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Helped me buy and sell homes 

Mark Williams

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Jonathan and Randy were excellent! I have been through three real estate transactions in my life and I can say, without a doubt, Jonathan and Randy were the best agents I've ever had. Calls were returned promptly, processes were clearly explained and I never felt for a moment that my interests weren't being addressed. 
Attentive. Patient. Professional at all times and knowledgeable. I cannot recommend them enough.
Well done!
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Helped me buy and sell homes 2012